Tallahassee Family Friendly Employers

We are here to help you evaluate your organization’s performance while at the same time providing information and ideas on programs you can implement to become family friendly.

First, we’re glad you are here! The fact that you are interested in learning more about Family Friendly Employers says a lot about you. From the start we want you to know this program is put together by business leaders just like you, right here in Tallahassee. The Family Friendly Employers survey is designed to help you evaluate your organization’s performance while at the same time providing information and ideas on programs you can implement.

The local committee developed the survey below and a three-tiered award structure. The recognition ranges from three to five stars, depending on the overall score received from the survey. While three stars is the entry-point for recognition, businesses that receive a three star award are not 3rd place. These business are doing incredible things for their employees, going above and beyond legal requirements, and recognition at any level should be equally celebrated. Recognition at the four and five star level represent organizations who likely have long-standing programs that have grown over many years and are simply farther down the path at this time.

Lastly, because the Family Friendly Employers committee represents a diverse group of organizations spanning dozens of industries with 4 to 4,000 employees, we acknowledge this survey and program is not perfect. Please participate, however, and provide feedback so that we can strengthen the program going forward. While recognizing Family Friendly Employers is part of the program, the real win for us all is the start of a new conversation in Tallahassee.

Take The Survey

This survey was designed to be completed in as few as 15 minutes with yes or no questions and also allows room for elaboration. Please only complete one survey per organization. It is recommended that one of the following individuals complete the survey: Owner, President, CEO, HR Director or other individual knowledgeable of the organization’s policies.

Take The Survey

The Tallahassee Family Friendly Employers Team

Launched in 2015 as part of Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum’s Family First Initiative, this effort is truly a community-wide project. Mayor Gillum encouraged leaders and stakeholders from all across our community to come together and create four task forces focused on capitalizing on our greatest opportunity moments. The Family Friendly Employers and Culture Task Force brought together parents, childcare providers, and community and business leaders from the private and public sector. The original committee worked hard for over a year studying best practices, policies and programs. This work culminated at the 2016 Family First Week with a detailed study and report entitled The Family Friendly Report.

This report was the catalyst for the 2016 / 2017 task force focus of developing a Family Friendly Employers recognition program. The survey and recognition levels you see today are the result of a year-long effort by volunteers representing every segment of our community.

The 2017 / 2018 task force had the addition of some great new team members representing new organizations with a diversity of size and industry. From small business to major institutions, strong representation was present among the task force ranks. The work began with a thorough review of the 2016 / 2017. This included a review of the survey questions and results. For continuity of information and for comparison purposes the task force decided it was best to keep the survey exactly the same as the previous year. The link can be found on this page. Thank you for participating and working with us to put Tallahassee on the map as one of the most family friendly workplace communities in the United States.

We are proud of the efforts made by these thoughtful community leaders:

    2017 / 2018 Task Force Members:

  • Nathan Archer |
  • Denise Bishop |
  • Claudia Blackbun |
  • Stefanie Bowden |
  • Rita Brown |
  • Olivia Burton |
  • Wendi Cannon |
  • Diana Cureton |
  • Tom Derzypolski |
  • Melissa Franklin |
  • Carol Gagliano |
  • Tiffany Gonzalez |
  • Blair Gregg |
  • Laura Harwin |
  • Linda Hockenberry |
  • Kim Kelling |
  • Jasmine Lusane |
  • Monica McDonald |
  • Samuel Messiha |
  • Davlinn Roberts |
  • Lisa Roberts |
  • Connie Styons |
  • Kimball Thomas |
  • Sharon Tyler |
  • Sarah Tyson |
  • Amanda Wander |
  • Kimika Ward |
  • Marcia Warfel |
  • Lily Wells |
  • Agata Wlodarczyk |
  • Betsy Wood |

    2016 / 2017 Task Force Members:

  • Tom Derzypolski, Co-Chair 
  • Sarah Tyson, Co-Chair 
  • Stefanie Bowden 
  • Olivia Burton 
  • Diana Cureton 
  • Melissa Franklin 
  • Carol Gagliano 
  • Jasmine Lusane 
  • Monica McDonald 
  • Connie Styons 
  • Sharon Tyler 
  • Kimika Ward 
  • Marcia Warfel 
  • Lily Wells 
  • Agata Wlodarczyk 
  • Betsy Wood 
  • Gloria Pugh 

    2015 / 2016 Task Force Members:

  • April Salter, SalterMitchell, Inc. 
  • Alva Stiplin, Big Brothers Big Sisters  
  • Terrie Ard, Moore Communications Group  
  • Tom Derzypolski, BowStern  
  • Sheila Costigan, Foundation for Leon County Schools 
  • Jaye Ann Terry 
  • Betsy Couch 
  • Kari Glisson 
  • Brooke Hallock 
  • Verla Lawson-Grady 
  • Commissioner Nancy Miller  
  • Brittney Mukadam  
  • John Padgett  
  • Wendell Paige  
  • Whitney Pickett  
  • Ben Pingree  
  • Rita Repass-Brown